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How To Leave The Friend Zone In Easy Steps


The friend zone has been the bane of young men for decades. If you’ve ever been interested in a girl, then you have probably put yourself in this zone. The consensus is that once you are in the friend zone, there is no way to get yourself out. I’m here to tell you that this is not true and that you can easily remove yourself from this zone. There are only four steps, and they are easy to follow. If you follow the steps to the letter, you will be out of the friend zone in less than 60 days. Ok, let’s get into this.

Make space between yourselves
Whether you’ve been friend zoned for a while or she just flat out rejected you, this is what you need to do: leave her alone.

  • Stay away from her for at least 3 weeks
  • Don’t talk to her for 3 weeks
  • Don’t text her for 3 weeks
    Waiting a couple weeks will allow her to forget about framing you as a friend, allowing you to get a fresh start.

The last thing you want to do is run after her like a desperate guy because that’ll only make things worse:

  • Try to compliment her, she’ll see you as a creep
  • Try to kiss her, she’ll push you away
  • Try to hold her hand, she’ll avoid you
    Continue talking to her and she’ll see you as a stalker

Realize You @#$% Up:
Make no mistake about it guys. You put yourself in the friend zone by poorly representing yourself. You presented yourself as the helpful nice guy that wants to get to know her. On paper, that approach makes perfect sense, but in reality, it is one of the worst ways to start the dating process. Your first step is to realize this approach was wrong and stop acting this way.

Get Off Her Radar:
Right now, she’s used to you hovering around her like a lost puppy. In this case, your goal is to cease the behavior. That means no phone calls, favors, and investment of time. If you hang out in group settings, that fine, but limit your attention towards her. Enjoy your time with the group and that is it.

Talk To Other Women:
This step is self-explanatory. You want to create an emotional distance between dividing your level of interest. The more women you have an interest in the better. Guys who are into one woman have a nasty habit of pouring all their attention into them. Which often results in the exact thing I am teaching you to get out of.

Hang out one on one: (Bonus)
Now, this step isn’t for everyone and I only recommend it if you want to date the woman that put you in the zone. If you followed the last three steps correctly, then you would have limited your contact, divided your attention to other women. All of that would have increased her level of interest and given you a chance to start over. At this point, you can approach her the proper way by asking her to hang out one on one. If there is an interest there, great. If not, no big deal, you have other things and women to do.

There you have it guys. A simple escape plan that you can use anytime you accidentally put yourself in the friend zone. It is not long and drawn out because it isn’t a difficult thing to achieve. The only requirement is to put in the effort and follow the instructions. Until next time guys.


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